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Newcastle & Hunter Valley

Simplify your Development Application process with a landscape design plan that meets local coucil requirements and fits with the overall design of your project.



Keep your project on track with a landscape plan that will compliment your final design and meet all local council guidelines.

Landscape Plans To Keep Your Project On Track

MUD can complete category 2 landscape plans to accompany your architectural DA. Whether it’s a cost-effective design to requirements or a detailed high-end custom design that enhances the appeal of the development.

Home Owners

If you're building a home within a new or existing development, you'll likely need to submit a landscape plan to the developer and council.

We help simplify the process

We’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure your landscape plan meets both the developer and local council guidelines. It can all be fairly overwhelming, so we help make it easy.


If you need a custom landscape plan to compliment the overall design of your project, we've got you covered.

Custom landscape plans to compliment your design

Whether you need a simple design or a landscape plan that will add texture and beauty to your project, we’ll work with you to meet your budget and goals.

Landscape plans that meet estate and local council guidelines

MUD is a team of professional landscape designers who are qualified to complete landscape plans for developers, council and CDC approvals throughout Newcastle and the Hunter.

If you’re building a new home in a residential development or planning to build in an established area, you’ll likely need to provide a landscape plan to your developer and your local council.

Our strong understanding of both estate developer and local council guidelines will help you navigate the process more easily.

Why do I need a landscape plan?2020-06-15T14:42:16+10:00

Landscape plans are designed to show developers or local government that your plans meet their design guidelines. Most developers have design requirements that ensure each property matches the overall character and design of the neighbourhood. Before your builder can submit your DA approval to Council or CDC, you will need approval from the developers of your estate. If your estate has design guidelines to adhere to, the developers will need to ensure your home meets the design guidelines, as well as the DCP (Development Control Plan), which is set out by the Council, before giving their stamp of approval.

We live and work within the Hunter Region so you can be assured your landscape plan will be designed to thrive in your local environment.

Plus, with our knowledge of council guidelines throughout the Hunter, we include everything you’ll need for a successful application.

MUD can complete category 2 landscape plans to accompany your architectural DA. We can deliver a high-quality outcome tailored to your needs, whether that is a cost-effective design to requirements or a detailed high-end custom design that enhances the appeal of the development.

What is included in a landscape plan?2020-06-26T12:28:03+10:00

The plan will be drawn to scale and can include the following depending on your needs; ​

  • Existing and proposed levels
  • North point and scale
  • Existing trees and landscape features
  • Surface treatments including driveways
  • Planting layout
  • Proposed retaining
  • Planting plan and schedule including botanical and common names and suggested pot sizes
  • Typical planting details
  • Location of services
  • Landscape area calculations
  • Private Open Space
  • General Landscaping Notes

A Landscape DA plan is Landscape documentation that is submitted to the Council or developers for approval. It provides information that states a case that the proposed development will be in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation. It is required to ensure the minimum requirements of energy efficiency are met and the minimum requirements of Landscapes are met.

The objective of the landscape plan is to show the approving Council your design intent, proposed layout of landscape works, surface treatment, and that it adheres to all environmental legislation as per the Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP). This will come in the form of a Landscape Plan. 



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