MUD director, Mark Tisdell, will be at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show again this year offering free landscape design consultations!

Melbourne Flower Show Landscape Design Newcastle

The consultation is an opportunity to get to know you and to develop an understanding of your lifestyle, the site opportunities and constraints, and what you are hoping to achieve.

As the consults are restricted to 30 minute time slots, bringing along background information on the project will greatly assist in making the session as productive as possible. Items to consider include:

  • Current photos of the site
  • Scaled drawings or survey plans of the property
  • Information around any easements or underground services
  • Written brief (dot points are fine)
  • Inspiration concept images (Pinterest is great for this)

Mark will be available on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th March so be sure to secure a time slot with him via the booking app here.

landscape design newcastle

MUD perspective of landscape concept design.

Mark will also be attending the Australian Landscape Conference which is taking place over the same weekend. This international conference features the world’s leading landscape and garden designers and is an important conference for staying informed on current world wide movements in garden design and learning about the best new plant cultivars. For Mark, this means bringing back valuable knowledge in order to be best equipped to do the best for our clients.

landscape design newcastle

Looking forward to sharing the experience with you!

Maybe we’ll see you there?