MUD transforms public space into engaging community places that unite the community and create a sense of shared ownership.


MUD creates award winning community places

MUD has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to placemaking that brings together communities, designers, planners, artists, policy makers, and developers in the creation of meaningful public places.

MUD placemaking services include site reconnaissance and analysis, feasibility studies, place activation, community and stakeholder engagement, art and place programs, and placemaking recommendations.

If you have a vacant building, empty lot or other under performing community asset that’s become a liability then MUD can help you transform this into a community and cultural asset.


Better living through landscape design


Creating community and cultural assets

Darby Street Community Garden

Darby Street Community Garden

This award winning pro bono project resulted in the transformation of a vacant lot on busy Darby street Newcastle into a vibrant garden and community place.

MUD’s design sought to create a tranquil and lush garden sanctuary that would be loved by the local community and engage passers-by, transform a dilapidated and uninspired community space, and to give birth to a community place where people could come together because of the shared interests of community, gardening, and sustainability.

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The Headphone Project Darby Street

The Headphone Project

MUD created a stunning interactive street sculpture and hub for live music performance. In the process of transforming a delinquent street space into an engaging community place that has won the heart of the local community and become a destination for art and music lovers.

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